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Digital Pieces



1500 x 1500 pixel portraits of your character in an environment of your choice! 

$60 USD per character



4 x 5 " portrait badges of your character with their name. 

$70 USD (complex backgrounds extra)
(optional) +$5 print and laminate (plus calculated shipping)


Movie Stills

Imagine your character in a dramatic, intimate, or theatrical moment! These pieces capture a moment in time, either a created scene or inspired by a real movie! Get creative, lets bring a scene to life!

Starting at $200 USD for a medium/closeup (chest up) of a single character in an environment of your choice. 
(Long shot (full body) of character starts at $300)
Complicated backgrounds, complicated scenes, and additional characters extra. All can be negotiated in price depending on complexity and composition.

(long s


Flat Colours

Full body flat coloured features of your original characters! 
Perfect for new characters (even those that only have descriptions and no reference images!) 

$90 USD Per Character
+$15 for Custom Designed Characters (Client inspired or artist free reign, or anywhere in between!)


Full Illustration

Waist up to full body, fully rendered characters against a colour backdrop or a scene of your choice. 

Starting at $200 USD for a single character 
+$170 per additional character
+Backgrounds start at $80 (and go up depending on detail)

Reference Sheets

Perfect to provide an accurate description of your character and their best qualities. 

Sheets can be built to specification from the following options:

•$90 USD per Full Body View (Front, Side, or Back) - Flat Shaded *
•$35 USD per Flat Coloured Headshots (+$10 Shading)
•$25 USD per Flat Coloured Feature (Small details, closeups, accessories or clothing items) (+$5 Shading)
•$50 per Flat Coloured Toon (perfect for featuring outfits) (+$10 shading)

All sheets come with textual descriptions, pallettes, and the characters name. 
Background themes can be negotiated if desired, for a flexible rate. 

* For accuracy it is suggested that your full body views be flat coloured, to allow for the clearest depiction of the patterns and colours. Shading can be added for an additional cost if absolutely desired, however it is not recommended.

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