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Terms of Service


An Overview of the Commission Process:
 1: You may contact me via to discuss a commission. If I accept, I will require full payment after I've sent the rough gesture sketch and we've agreed on composition. If you back out of the commission at this time the gesture sketch will be resold or used for another commission.

 2: A rough gesture sketch will be sent to you for approval, up to 3 changes may be made regarding character placement and composition. 

 3: Once verified, I will revise the sketch further and send it once again for review. Changes can be made regarding character details, rough anatomy and facial expressions. Depending on complexity, a charge may apply (see below: Revisions) 

 4: After any applicable changes have been applied, you can request to see inks or just wait to see colours.
 5: Upon completion the final image will be given to you in high res, along with a web ready file with necessary watermarks (please share this one online).

Small changes can be made at this stage: Colours, patterns and small details only. (No manipulation of linework). It will also be posted to my gallery. A 25% fee will be added to pieces I cannot display in my online gallery/portfolio.)

*Please Note: Larger pieces can take between one to three months to complete while I am working a full time job. Current hours can be viewed on my Trello


I accept payment up front for all my commissions under $100. Alternate payment may be discussed before hand in situations of commissions over $100. 
Ideally I prefer Paypal, but I will accept International Money Orders through mail. All payments must be made in USD (United States Dollar)

Please ALWAYS include your username somewhere in your paypal receipt otherwise I CANNOT track your payment. 


Depending on complexity of the commission, allow usually a month for turn around time. I cannot guarantee completion by a specific time unless a deadline is discussed during the commission planning.
*Larger pieces can take between one to three months to complete. Keep in mind I work a full time job (that often includes a lot of OT) so I only draw on weekends. 


Please be clear about what you'd like from the start. During the sketching process, I will allow 3 major revisions (pose, major details, placement) before a charge of $5 will be applied to each additional change. Minor details will be added for no cost, under the circumstances they're not coming in excess. Please be considerate of the artistic process and that there is a difference between "gesture sketch" and "clean sketch" before requesting changes.

Content & Subject Matter

NSFW content is allowed but will be charged an additional 15% fee.

I have no problem with most subject matters, I like a challenge and am always willing to try something new. 

Please contact me if you have any questions about subject matter.

Termination by Buyer

If you need to cancel your commission for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible.
Depending on how much of your work has been completed, you may receive a partial refund of any money paid so far (a full refund is not guaranteed).
The work I've completed so far may be altered (so it's no longer recognizable as your request) and finished for my personal gallery of work, or sold if a full refund is given with any work being done prior to. 

Termination by Seller

I reserve the right to cancel a commission for the following reasons:
If I cancel due to personal reasons, you will receive a refund of any money paid thus far.
If I am forced to cancel due to unsavory behavior by the commissioner, you will only receive a refund on work that has been completed already. I will not tolerate coercion, or harassment by clientele.  


I retain copyright on images drawn for clientele, though the character designs still remain theirs. The image will not be sold to anyone, and will be posted to my personal gallery for only display. I will allow clientele to display it in their own galleries with permission only (see below).


You may post the image to your personal site or as part of an online collection, as long as credit is given to me as the artist.
You may print the image for your personal use. Show it to friends, put it on your wall, put it on any clothing or miscellaneous item, etc...
You may crop (but not otherwise modify) the image for personal use as an avatar or profile image. 


You may NOT modify the image without my specific written consent.
You may
NOT tokenize your piece of artwork for sale as an NFT in any capacity. 
You may NOT claim credit for creating the image in any way.
You may NOT use this image for profit. No selling prints, no selling any items with the image printed on them, no using it as an example to sell your own work, or using it as an advertisement or promotional image without my specific written consent.
You may NOT use this image for promotional or official means. No using it on fliers, business cards, advertisements, or other promotional materials for any event, person, or organization, whether for profit or non-profit, without my specific written consent.
When in doubt, please ask. 

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